Food waste

A Major part of global wasted food is lost before products even reach supermarket shelves. Food manufacturers can prevent the degradation of generated surplus food or by-products into waste.

Many food producers spend millions of dollars each year on their food waste. What they see as a painful burden, we see as a room for innovation and profitability. In order to prevent food waste from ending up in a landfill, we should get a bit creative. Biogas and ethanol are just some of the examples that excess food can be turned into; there are amazing other solutions, such as the production of new products from waste.

These solutions can be summarized under one concept: Circular Economy. In a circular economy system, waste is eliminated by continuously reusing the resources and creating value out of waste. It is a direct alternative to the classical, linear industry model based on taking resources, developing a product, and producing waste. The closed cycle of circular economy avoids the consumption of limited resources.

We believe that there is a STARTUP in every company. We offer you the opportunity to learn how you can utilize your waste to create new profitable products and business models.

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