Our mission is to create impactful regional collaborations by leveraging knowledge, innovation, trade, and investments, while constantly pursuing building a sustainable future in the MENA region and globally

Watch our CEO, Roye Rahav, discussing how the Abraham Accords will be a driver for connecting East and West:

About Us

Yokwe Technologies is the international partner for leading companies, research bodies and academic institutes in the Agri-Tech, Food-Tech and Smart Manufacturing sectors.

Yokwe’s founders and key team members combine deep knowledge and expertise in the AgriFood and innovation ecosystem, with tens of years of experience in research and business development in the MENA markets. The team’s experience spans Harvard University, INSEAD, regional economic development, and the development of collaborations between tech ecosystems.  Together with our partners, we integrate the world’s most cutting-edge technologies in the AgriFood and Innovation sectors.
Our services

We Create Tailor Made Synergies, Suited to the Needs of our Clients

Scouting for new/emerging raw materials and technologies

Implementing Pilots for emerging technologies and services

Scaling up growing businesses internationally

Launching targeted R&D initiatives

Optimizing Manufacturing efficiency by advanced technology e

Facilitating Open Innovation programs

Technology is the Key to

Achieve High Levels of Food Security

Our Focus

Smart & Sustainable
Focusing on the Upstream of the AgriFood Value Chain

Our Focus

Smart and Sustainable
Focusing on the Upstream of the AgriFood Value Chain


The Agro-Food Innovation Matrix


Quality & Safety​

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