Hydroponic animal feed

*Currently in the R&D phase

Scarcity of water creates a big challenge for the GCC countries to secure sustainable growing of fodder for feeding its livestock. Hence, the GCC has become increasingly dependent on imports of fodder and other kinds of animal feed. New water-saving technologies will enable large-scale local production of fodder and other kinds of animal feed, substituting feed imports and reducing the dependency on subsidies.

Hydroponics has been identified as a leading water-saving technology, as it can produce a given quantity of agricultural produce at one-tenth of the amount of water, in comparison to conventional growing methods. Hence, its use globally has increased significantly in recent years. However, hydroponics has not been used on a large scale for growing fodder or other kinds of plants for the purpose of feeding animals for cost-effectiveness issues.

During the past year, we have been working with our partners on a sustainable solution to this problem. We believe that through optimization of our hydroponic process, we can achieve a significantly high protein rate in specific plants, enabling cost-efficient hydroponic mass production of dedicated plant-based feed for fish, chicken, and other animals.

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